This is an issue I see a lot here at The Rabbit Rooms, in my Bunny Grooming Service!

Did you know that you should never actually see the cecotrope poo - all you should ever see is the firm balls of poop, and the cecotropes should be eaten directly by the rabbit from their bottom to get added nutrients for healthy gut flora. If you see these stuck to your rabbit's fur, something is unbalanced in their system and they aren't getting all the nutrients they need!

If your bunny suffers from poop stuck to their fur, I can help!

In this mini masterclass let me help you sort out this issue by

Advising on the common causes

Guiding you how to clean your fur baby up, in the easiest and safest way (avoiding a bunny bath!),

Teaching you how to avoid it happening again.

It is nearly always easier to sort out than you think! Spend just a few minutes listening to this class, and you will be able to make your bunny more comfortable, and save yourself and your bunny the stress of dealing with it again!


But wait... there's something really exciting for you here!!

This class is €20 or for only €15 you could upgrade to Fiona's Happy Bunny Club & get this E-book & so much more!! Instant access to all E-books, classes & masterclasses.

Fiona's Happy Bunny Club is an online and worldwide club for bunny nutters! Mad about your bunny?! Worried you aren't getting their care right and want to find out all you need to know in one place rather than trawling through the internet and reading conflicting information that leaves you more confused than ever?! Then this is the place for you!!


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