Lionheads and Angoras are such beautiful bunnies, but wow can their coats take a lot of care!

Without regular maintenance, they can end up matted and uncomfortable with bits of hay and bedding caught in their coat and sore eyes from their fluff getting into them.

As a professional bunny groomer, I know it can be difficult to know where to start, so I have created a 45 minute masterclass on Lionhead grooming, with a video demonstration on grooming both single and double mane lionheads.

I include advice on the best bedding to make maintaining their coats easier, and show you how to clean their scent glands and ears, clip their nails, and I give you recommendations and links for the products I use here at The Rabbit Rooms Small Animal Boarding for grooming these gorgeous fluffballs!!


But wait... there's something really exciting for you here!!

This class is €20 or for only €15 you could upgrade to Fiona's Happy Bunny Club & get this E-book & so much more!! Instant access to all E-books, classes & masterclasses.

Fiona's Happy Bunny Club is an online and worldwide club for bunny nutters! Mad about your bunny?! Worried you aren't getting their care right and want to find out all you need to know in one place rather than trawling through the internet and reading conflicting information that leaves you more confused than ever?! Then this is the place for you!!


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