Thinking of getting a Bunny?!

If you are thinking of getting a rabbit for yourself or your children you might be wondering-What does it really involve?!

Before you fall for the cuteness of a ball of fluff in the pet shop, and bring him or her home on an impulse (easy done!) let me arm you with the facts so you can make an informed decision!

Let me (Fiona Murphy The Bunny Bonding Coach and Owner at The Rabbit Rooms Small Animal Boarding) help you decide if a rabbit is right for you and your lifestyle, (regardless of the time of year!) and what you would be getting yourself into.

Come join me and I will guide you through all you need to know before you bring a bunny home!

✅ The time, money and space commitment (lifespan, daily time needed to care for them appropriately, how much space they need, and rough costs involved)

✅ Help deciding where to get your bunny if you do decide to go for it (rescue, breeder or pet shop)

✅ Common breeds and what their personalities are like

✅ How many rabbits to get(you may have heard that they are ideally kept as pairs, but is that always necessary and if you do get two, what kind of pair?)

✅ Is it better to get a male or female?

✅ How to set up their living space to care for them properly

✅ Settling them in at home

✅ Choosing a vet and boarding facility

✅ Bunny proofing



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