Do you worry that you won't be prepared if your beloved rabbit suddenly gets sick or has an injury, and you can't immediately get to the vet?

Do you want to avoid unnecessary vet bills for mild illnesses or injuries that you could easily treat at home if only you knew which products to use and when?


Learn how to quickly and easily put together your own Rabbit First Aid Kit, with links to my recommended products, so you can feel more prepared should the worst happen.

We all know how quickly bunnies can go downhill without treatment and I know how worrying it is to not know what to do to help.

This 30 page E-Book is fantastic value for all my inside information and includes my top tips for using these
products, and I tell you exactly how to apply or use them and when!

I have over 30 years of experience breeding and owning rabbits and caring for hundreds of bunny guests each year at The Rabbit Rooms Small Animal Boarding in Dublin, and spend a lot of my spare time advising owners on bunny care on some of the Irish Facebook Groups, and this combined with a great relationship with a fantastic small animal vet who has given me some of her tips and recommended products over that time, has helped me hone exactly what is in my first aid kit over the years!

I also include some recommendations for the Grooming Tools I use here at my Rabbit Grooming Service, as after all, regular grooming of your bunny is all part of keeping them healthy!

So, why not get started today quickly and easily putting together what you need to give you that Peace Of Mind?!


PLUS you will also get my BONUS 7 Ways To Syringe Feed Your Rabbit Or Give Them Oral Medications Video Lesson Worth €20!!!

But wait... there's something really exciting for you here!!

This e-book is €20 or for only €15 you could upgrade to Fiona's Happy Bunny Club & get this E-book & so much more!! Instant access to all E-books, classes & masterclasses.

Fiona's Happy Bunny Club is an online and worldwide club for bunny nutters! Mad about your bunny?! Worried you aren't getting their care right and want to find out all you need to know in one place rather than trawling through the internet and reading conflicting information that leaves you more confused than ever?! Then this is the place for you!!


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