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Top Tips for Travelling with your Rabbit Or Guinea Pig

December 13, 20233 min read

As a Pet pro, (rabbit and guinea pig holiday boarder, groomer and rabbit bonder) I’m often asked about helping bunnies and guinea pigs when they need to travel - because they are being rehomed or owners are relocating or taking their fur babies with them on a long holiday . Here are my top tips!

Often they travel better than you think

  1. If at all possible, get a vet check up before you go, especially if it is a very long journey. You don't want your pet travelling while under the weather, and as we all know, they can hide illnesses very well being prey animals. If you get the check a couple of weeks beforehand, you will have time to address and treat any issues before travelling.

  2. If you can bring a collapsible run with you , you could stop on the way and let your bunny or guinea pig have a stretch of their legs, you could set the pen up even in a car park or side of the road, that will break up the journey for them. Make sure your fur baby can't escape, use a run cover or don't take your eyes off them!.

  3. Bring lots of your fur baby’s favourite foods to tempt him / her as they travel. Give constant access to hay on the journey and water if feasible - if your pet uses a water bowl then offer it every hour or so.

  4. A day or two of fibreplex or protexin fibre pellets before hand will help (both suitable for both rabbits and guinea pigs), to provide an extra fibre boost and some probiotics - also feed her / him up a little beforehand too - be careful not to introduce anything new or go overboard with the amount of food , but a little extra in their tummy before travelling will help. Keep their diet exactly the same while travelling and also when you get to your destination for a few days before changing anything.

  5. Pet remedy is safe for rabbits and guinea pigs if you want to use some of that too, you can get wipes which you can wipe your bunny or guinea pig’s fur with a little , or add some spray to a blanket to travel with and put it in their carrier with them.

  6. Pop in some clothes of yours with your bunny or guinea pig in their carrier , a t shirt or jumper is ideal - your smell will help her feel secure

  7. Settle them back in to their normal routine as quickly as possible once you arrive at your destination..but restrict their space for a little bit. Letting them free roam somewhere new, with new smells, and lots of unfamiliar space may be overwhelming and they’ll also likely toilet everywhere so it’s best to start smaller then gradually free roam. Short periods in one room at a time are a good way to start, use the room where you are in if you can or go and sit with your bunny or guinea pig so they have you nearby for reassurance if they need it. Then give them some time to decompress on their own in their pen with food and some quiet time.

Hope that helps!

Fiona x

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