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6 things you shouldn't buy in a pet shop - treats edition

September 05, 20235 min read

We imagine that if something is sold in a pet shop, or by an online pet company, that they know what they are talking about and only sell what is suitable for our beloved fur babies, right?!

Unfortunately, this is often not the case, which makes it very worrying for pet owners, wondering what is suitable and safe, and whether what they buy is in fact dangerous. Let me walk you through what NOT to buy!

8 Reasons

Here are 6 things you should


1. Corn filled treats

RABBITS - Just like with us, corn comes out the same way it goes in (ahem!) - totally undigested. This is the best case scenario. Worst case? They can cause a blockage in your rabbit's sensitive gut

GUINEA PIGS - guinea pigs can safely be fed small amounts, but I feel fresh is more easily digested than the very hard corn on the cobs sold in pet shops, so buy them a fresh one from the supermarket instead!

corn on stick treat for rabbits and guinea pigs - struck out

2. Yoghurt drops

Guinea pigs and rabbits cannot digest dairy, it is not a natural part of their diet. The yoghurt drops commonly sold look like yummy, sweet treats, but they are full of dairy and also sugar, which is bad for your small furry's gut flora. Their gut flora is delicately balanced and easily upset, and this can lead to gut stasis.

yoghurt drops struck out

3. Seed Treats

Again, these are difficult for your rabbit or guinea pig to digest. An exception to this is black oil sunflower seeds which can be fed to rabbits as an occasional treat, and can help with moulting. Quite a few of the hanging stick type treats and 'bars' contain seeds, so beware.

seed stick for rabbits and guinea pigs

4. Honey Treats

Honey contains way to much sugars for small furries, and as I mentioned earlier, this can upset their delicately balanced gut floras which can lead to gut stasis. In addition it is too fattening, which can lead to other health issues, and contains little to no nutrients that are beneficial for rabbits or guinea pigs. It can also pose a choking hazard since it is so sticky, rabbits and guinea pigs may find it hard to swallow - their bodies just aren't made for eating sticky items. A lot of treat sticks and treat 'bars' are stuck together with honey.

honey stick not suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs

5. Nut Treats

Nuts are another item which should be off the menu for your rabbit or guinea pig. They are not a food they eat naturally in the wild, can cause choking and are fattening. They are low in any kind of nutrition that your small furry can actually use, and at best upset their digestive system and at worst can be highly toxic. Again you will find these in pet shop sold 'bars' and 'sticks'

fruit stick with nuts not suitable for rabbits or guinea pigs

6. Dried Fruit Treats

Sometimes you will see dried fruit being sold at pet shops, - banana chips or apple slices for example. The issue with these is that they often fried in oils, coated in honeys and contain artificial flavours or colours that are used to preserve them and make them a nice colour. Dried fruit is much higher in sugar than fresh fruit, which should only be given as an occasional treat anyway because of this.

If they don't contain anything else, literally just the fruit, then they are ok, but give only as an occasional treat.

banana chips not safe for rabbits or guinea pigs


Baby corn sold in supermarkets for stir fries - these are fine and digestible - DO NOT FEED CORN ON THE COB. These are a good alternative to corn treats, and really one of the best healthy treats you can give you small furry is a healthy mix of rabbit and guinea pig safe greens and vegetables.

baby corn

Natural treats made with hay, grass, containing flowers, rabbit or guinea pig safe vegetables and fruits, with no added ingredients. The closer to nature the better!

burgess excel nature snacksrosewood flower sticks

oxbow simple rewards treats

FORAGE such as Dandelion, Dried Nettles and Dried Herbs - check the ingredients to make sure all natural



Companies like www.hayyourway.ie in Ireland, provide natural forage mixes and dried treats like parsnip, apple and banana without added ingredients as well as fresh hay delivered to your door.


It isn't difficult to make homemade treats for your rabbit or guinea pig and they will love you forever if you do! There are a lot of items you have at home that you can use such as bananas or things in your garden like dandelions that your small furry will enjoy fresh or dried.

I have an amazing class you are going to love if you are interested in improving your rabbit or guinea pig's longevity and quality of life through a more natural diet - it details exactly where to start, what you can dry or feed fresh, how to dry and store safely plus lots of tips to make the change to a more healthy diet for your rabbit or guinea pig!

Foraging & Natural Remedies For Your Rabbit Or Guinea Pig (therabbitrooms.ie)

Not sure what vegetables are safe for your rabbit or how to safely introduce them? Check out these classes

How To Safely Introduce Vegetables To Your Rabbit's Diet (therabbitrooms.ie)


You can also easily make 'cookies / biscuits' for them! Want my recipe for rabbit or guinea pig treats? No added nasties, you will know exactly what is in them, which will give you great piece of mind and you can vary up the ingredients to keep your small furry entertained! Get it here!

https://www.therabbitrooms.ie/free-homemade-guinea-pig-treats-recipe - Guinea Pig Treat Recipe

Home Made Rabbit Treats Recipe (therabbitrooms.ie) Rabbit Treat Recipe

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