Unfortunately, bunnies can get sick seemingly out of nowhere, as they hide any illnesses very well because they are prey animals.

I know that it can be scary when your fur baby isn't themselves, and in the panic, it can be hard to know what to do!

My New Masterclass will help you to identify common bunny illnesses, and decide what needs the vet and what can be treated at home and how!

It is suitable for the average Bunny Owner!

It's for you if -

✅ You are new to bunnies, or had your bunny a while, whether you have run into any health issues or not (because I help you identify the most commonly occurring ones, ones I hear about all the time)

You are unsure what you would do if your rabbit gets sick, and feel that you would just take them to the vet

(Because I will help you decide if you DO need the vet, and save you the time and cost if not, but also teach you when you do need to go, which will mean you aren't taking them unnecessarily, but also don't mess about if it's important)


*The Best Ways to Tell if Something is Wrong Easily and at an Early Stage to give your bunny the best chance of a quick recovery

*Common Signs and Symptoms of an unwell Bunny

*Sudden weight loss (possible causes and how to help your bun put on weight once you know the cause)

*Poopy Bum

*Gut Stasis / Gas / Blockages


*Urine Scald

*Fly Strike

*Ear and Fur Mites

*Sore Hocks


*Respiratory Issues

*Urine Issues

*7 positions to Syringe Feed/ Get Water or Medication into your bunny - a Video Demonstration


You can more quickly pick up any sign your rabbit isn't well, and enhance their chances of recovering quickly

You can more easily identify what needs the vet urgently and what doesn't

You can spot early stages of Gut Stasis and maybe stave it off with some of my tips and tricks, as well as learning how to reduce your bunny's chances of suffering from it off

You can learn some home remedies for illnesses that don't need the vet

You know some things you can keep handy in case of a bunny emergency

Don't forget my other Masterclass to Putting Together a Rabbit First Aid Kit, so the two together will make you feel more confident and prepared should your bunny fall sick or get an injury!


But wait... there's something really exciting for you here!!

This class is €20 or for only €15 you could upgrade to Fiona's Happy Bunny Club & get this E-book & so much more!! Instant access to all E-books, classes & masterclasses.

Fiona's Happy Bunny Club is an online and worldwide club for bunny nutters! Mad about your bunny?! Worried you aren't getting their care right and want to find out all you need to know in one place rather than trawling through the internet and reading conflicting information that leaves you more confused than ever?! Then this is the place for you!!


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