About this Masterclass -

The hardest part of bonding for a lot of people is knowing exactly what they are looking for in the rabbit's behaviours while bonding, and knowing exactly when to step in and when to step back! If you step in too early, you aren't allowing them to get to know each other or establish their hierarchy, and if you step in too late, you risk them injuring each other - very tricky!

And then, when you do need to step in, how exactly do you deal with it?!

Let me demystify the process for you!

I have video recorded some of my actual bonding sessions from the 200 sets of bunnies that I have bonded over the last 7 years, and in this Masterclass, I talk you through them - teaching you what each behaviour means, whether you need to step in or can leave it and then demonstrate to you how to deal with the bad behaviours so the bunnies can move past it and back on to more positive interactions with each other!

Never wonder again what to do, or what you're looking for!


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