Did you know it is a myth that you shouldn't pick guinea pigs up because they are prey animals?!

Although most guinea pigs don't love actually being picked up, a lot of them actually enjoy a cuddle once they are actually up, and you can absolutely train them to get used to being picked up, and start to associate it with cuddle time and maybe a sneaky treat!It is SO IMPORTANT that you can pick them up - if you ever need to give them medications, or want to do a weekly health care check, it will be SO much easier if they are used to being picked up!!

I know a lot of people struggle with panicking guinea pigs darting away from them, which is stressful for both of you!So I have created for you a Quick Class with a Video Demonstration, of 3 easy ways to pick your guinea pig up without panic, and some tips for you to help them get used to it and improve your bond with them in the process!


⚡️ You are fed up of your guinea pig running away as soon as you go near the cage!

⚡️ You feel guilty making them panic, and are terrified you are going to hurt them

⚡️ You feel like you have to hold them too tight in order to stop them falling or you dropping them, and you worry this will hurt them

⚡️Your guinea pig is terrified to be picked up, or just plains hates it!

⚡️You wish you could pick them up and have a snuggle when they and you are both relaxed!

⚡️ You would like a closer relationship with your guinea pig because you can pick them up and handle them and there is more trust between you. Non verbal communication is a very important tool in your relationship with your piggy, and physically handling them is a great way to improve this!

⚡️You wish your guinea pig was easier to handle so that you could easily clip their nails, give them a health check, or give them medications if they needed them?! (guinea pigs should really have a full body check over and be weighed once a week to pick up any issues early on)

This amazing short class gives you 3 easy ways to pick your guinea pig up without panic (from either of you!) with video demonstrations and a step by step method to getting your guinea pig used to being picked up and giving you the confidence to do it, so that you can -

✅ Have a closer relationship with your guinea pig

✅ Pick them up when you need to

✅ Check them over and weigh them once a week to quickly pick up on any health issues

✅ Clip their nails yourself (check out my class GUINEA PIG NAIL CLIPPING 101 if you need help with that at that stage!)

✅ Groom them regularly

✅ Give them a snuggle WHENEVER you want!

Just imagine!This class could be a game changer for you!In just a few weeks you could be handling your guinea pig competently and all that panicked chasing them around and around the cage could be a thing of the past!!! Wouldn't that be amazing! It is TOTALLY POSSIBLE with just a littletime and patience!!

AND it's just €20 - amazing value for all those benefits!



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